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Nutmeg Mechanical Answers FAQs

Nutmeg Mechanical Services, Inc. wants to assist you by answering some frequently asked questions. If you don't see the answer you are looking for, please contact us with your question.

How do I know what size furnace or air conditioner I need for my home?

  • At Nutmeg Mechanical Services each home we survey will have a computerized heat gain and heat loss calculation performed with Manual J software. This means we will know exactly what size equipment you will need for excellent comfort and efficiency.

With so many different options for equipment, how do I decide which system are right for me?

  • Selecting a HVAC system depends on a variety of factors, such as do you plan to stay in this home for a long time or are you planning to move in the next few years, do you have any uncomfortable areas that do not heat or cool well, and do you have any allergies that we should know about. Answers to these questions will help us provide solutions to your HVAC needs.

After I purchase a new HVAC system is there any service that is required?

  • All HVAC systems should be checked every year to make sure that the system is operating as efficiently and as safe as possible, filters need to be replaced also, which is a leading cause of discomfort and high utility bills. Nutmeg Mechanical Services offer clean and check plans, full service contracts and we can even offer up to 10-year parts and labor warranties.

Do you offer financing?

  • Nutmeg Mechanical Services does offer financing thru Home improvenement loan Pros. Also throughout the year there are many other  consumer incentives and specials. Check in with one of our sales representatives and we can show you what we have to offer.

Are there any products available to help my house from feeling so dry?

  • Nutmeg Mechanical Services has a complete line up of products to improve your homes Indoor Air Quality. We offer humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air filtration up to M.E.R.V. 16, air cleaners that remove volatile organic compounds, and U.V. lights to kill some bacteria. We also offer duct cleaning as a service so not only will your equipment be new, but the ductwork will be clean as well.

Are the two speed air conditioners and variable speed furnaces worth the extra money?

  • With variable speed equipment, your comfort level is greatly enhanced. Instead of your equipment turning on and off when the thermostat is satisfied, this equipment will ramp up and down for precise temperature control. Humidity level can also be controlled to a greater degree with variable speed equipment.

Why should I use Nutmeg Mechanical Services?

  • Nutmeg Mechanical Services has been in business for 25 years and is a family run company. Our employee's our factory trained and we have in house training to offer the best-qualified technicians the industry has to offer. We are also a Factory Authorized Dealer, which means we meet the stringent demands set forth by Carrier to have only the best dealers selling and installing their products.

What is Indoor Air Quality?

  • Indoor air quality is also know as IAQ, and is the measurement of the air quality in your home. Home cleaning agents, pets, paints and even new furniture can give out odors or volatile organic compounds. These containments can cause breathing problems with some people. Nutmeg Mechanical Services has measurement devices, which we can place, in the home to measure these pollutants. We do offer many different products to reduce these pollutants.

Are there any ways I can make my HVAC system more efficient?

  • To make sure your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency make sure you have a tune up every year and the filters are clean. Make sure the air conditioner has no obstructions around it so it can remove the heat from your home efficiently. You can install programmable thermostats to lower or raise the temperature when you are not home. Make sure you have adequate insulation in your attic, and check your windows and doors for large air leaks. Making sure the heat you put in your house stays in your house is the best way to lower your utility bills.
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